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Canadian Super fans proudly display their patriotic spirit, celebrating on Granville Street in downtown Vancouver with cheers and beers.
Proudly clad in red, white, maple leafs and face paint, Canadian super fans display their patriotic spirit, celebrating on Granville Street in downtown Vancouver with cheers and beers.
(Patrick T Fallon/ZUMA Press)

Last summer I was offered the opportunity to assist a small team of photographers and editors with ZUMA Press at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver.
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Patrick Fallon at the MPC in Vancouver

Sunday February 28, 2010 - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada: Patrick Fallon files pictures to ZUMA Press from the MPC after the completion of the closing ceremonies during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver. Photograph © Nick Didlick 2010

Many thanks to Nick Didlick for organizing a wonderful experience for photographers at the Olympics! Thanks for the picture, too!

My collegues Jed Conklin, Mike Kane, and Paul Kitagaki have been making some fantastic images here in Vancouver and Whistler….
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Shot a portrait of gold medal Olympian Kristi Yamaguchi today for ZUMA press at the P&G Family Home.

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Saw this today and thought it was amusing.

The NPS and CPS reps have been awesome, good conversation and lots of joking. Without them here not sure what half of these photographers would do for gear.

Shot women’s hockey today from an overhead position – 2nd time ever shooting hockey… but some great action.
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Another busy day here in Vancouver. Work up at 7am to try and shoot curling – alas the venue was pretty full so no room to shoot from the stands or tables with a 400mm – so fruitless, I headed back to the Main Press Center in time for the 11am press conference with Canadian Cross Country Skier Brian McKeever.

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Didn’t get to shoot much today, had to handle a lot of image editing from photographers and work here in the Main Press Center. However this evening I was able to shoot the press conference for two time gold medal winning snow boarder Seth Wescott.

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After getting back to the MPC from shooting the Finland – Russia women’s Ice Hockey game last night, my editor gave me a last minute assignment – a portrait session with the first team USA gold medalist, Hannah Kearney. I left the MPC and made my way up 6 blocks to the Team USA House on Seymour.

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Brief update, more to come in the morning. Things are getting busier here in Vancouver, Friday is the Opening ceremony. Today we explored around the outside of BC place looking for a good perspective of the venue with the rings and city in the background. Some potential good spots, but nothing for sure yet…
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Heck of a day getting to Vancouver, tired, bunch of us sharing one room for the night – but we got our accreditation today. So life is good.
More to do tomorrow. Time for sleep.

Freelance photo journalist Jed Conklin yawns as we get settled in our hotel room on day one of our Olympics adventure.

Leaving my house here in Columbia Missouri in three hours for Vancouver to assist ZUMA Press with coverage of the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, Canada. Most of the gear is packed and some socks too. I will be doing a daily photo blog about my experience at the games as well as writing some articles about the challenges and rewards of working such an event. I’ll be doing some sports shooting too, so all in all looking to have a great experience over the course of three weeks.