Last couple of weeks the big display from Hot Wheels has caught a lot of attention. In order to give my editors a few options, I used a total of 4 cameras to capture different vantage points and angles of the big stunt that only lasted a few moments.

PocketWizard Remote Cameras

Two Remote Cameras and two handheld camera used to capture different perspectives on the Hot Wheels Double Loop Dare Ramp. Photos © 2012 Patrick T. Fallon/Los Angeles Times

I used four cameras, a 8mm fisheye and 16-35mm remote, plus a 24-70 and a 70-200 handheld (held one up with the other). It worked pretty well, triggering the remotes with PocketWizard MultiMax units. I had hoped to have my remotes closer, but was not allowed. The event as a whole was made for television, so the best views were dedicated to TV, and a wide lead by the first car made things a bit underwhelming for the tight visual.

Stunt driver Greg Tracy, green car, beats Rally Cross driver Tanner Foust, yellow car, through the loop during the Hot Wheels Double Loop Dare stunt at the X Games on Saturday, June 30, 2012 in downtown Los Angeles.(Patrick T. Fallon/Los Angeles Times)

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First day of the Dave Black workshop here at the Chronicle, learning more about using portable speedlight strobes and finding out how to make the most of what we have – as well as thinking about what tools I could add to my light kit to give me more options. Before going to our location shoots, we tested out some stuff in the studio.

Houston Chronicle staff photographer Jake Nielson poses for a portrait during the Dave Black photo workshop at the Houston Chronicle on Monday, July 25, 2011 in Houston. ( Patrick T. Fallon / Houston Chronicle )

Shot with a reflected umbrella, left, then a Honl gridded strobe on the left side, rear.

(1DmKIIN, Canon 580EX II and 550EX with PocketWizards. 50 ISO, 35mm, f/5.6)

On Dec. 30th, I shipped my first and last rolls of Kodachrome to Dwaynes Photo in Kansas. Here are a few pictures of the result. I am still scanning more, but I am glad that I got to at least shoot a few rolls from a different era in photography. All of these are full frame, uncropped scans, basically untouched.

A "mistake," but I like it. My first and last roll of Kodak Kodachrome Film. Shot with Kodachrome 64 with a Nikon FE2 and 35mm f/2 lens. Photo © 2011 Patrick T. Fallon

My first and last roll of Kodak Kodachrome Film. Shot with Kodachrome 64 with a Nikon FE2 and 35mm f/2 lens. Photo © 2011 Patrick T. Fallon

Its a double exposure, wound back over a picture of the sky from testing the strobes and pocketwizard I was going to use to shoot basketball on film…

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Worked with Mizzou Athletics photographer Joel Kowsky to put up some remote cameras for the Missouri – K-State basketball game, by ourselves we do not have enough gear to do a full set, but together, we were able to get some pix. Next time we’ll put them in better positions now that we have some kinks worked out.

An overhead ceiling mounted remote camera shows the tip off of the Missouri vs. Kansas State mens basketball game at Mizzou Arena on January 17, 2011, in Columbia, Mo. Photo by Patrick T. Fallon and Joel Kowsky.

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I was asked to write up a brief reflection on one of my favorite images from 2010 for

Dive In

A boy surfaces after jumping off the diving board at Veteran's Memorial swimming pool in Lebanon, N.H., Tuesday afternoon, June 22, 2010. Image © 2010 Valley News/Patrick Fallon

My wonderful friends Daniel Berman, Luke Sharrett, Chelsea SektnanJoel Hawksley, Rafael Delgado, and Kent Nishimura also wrote about their experiences from this year. You should check em out, too. Thanks to Robert Hanashiro for continuing the newsletter.

Here is my story…

This image is not the best image I shot this year, I don’t know what that image even would be – but it is a photo that I enjoy. I shot it during my summer at the Valley News in New Hampshire, a wonderful place rooted in community journalism. In order to make the image, I floated around on top of some foam noodles near the diving board with a camera inside a plastic, low-tech fish tank, but made a series of images I really liked.

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My first – and last – two rolls of kodachrome went to FedEx last night, shot the film on my dad’s Nikon FE2.

I have not shot much with the film, but I had the pleasure of spending many weeks scanning my father’s archive of images. It was incredible to see how the film stood the test of time with such great color depth. Makes our jobs look easy now.

I’m excited to see what comes back.

My last Kodak Kodachrome

My last Kodak Kodachrome, image © 2010 Patrick Fallon

Today an assignment surfaced to photograph the Lebanon community swimming pool for the Valley News guide and perhaps a standalone picture for the paper. I joked “I have swim trunks and a towel… Do we have a housing?”

Swimming Under Water

Skye Robicneau, 10, dives into the water after jumping off the diving board at Veteran's Memorial swimming pool in Lebanon, N.H., Tuesday afternoon, June 22, 2010. The pool opened for the summer last week. Valley News - Patrick Fallon

My editor Geoff replied, nope, but we have a fish tank…
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Patrick Merrill, 18, practices with his band at Helie's Carpet in Claremont, N.H., Wednesday evening June 2, 2010. Merrill joined the Ombudsman program last fall as an independent alternative to learning traditionally at Stevens High School and now finds himself playing to his own tune, learning more and earning better grades. Valley News - Patrick T. Fallon

For my rock and roll portrait, I used a blue Honl Photo speedlight gel on my Canon 550EX Flash from the rear on ETTL Slave. I mounted the flash on a plate attached to a ‘magic’ variable friction arm, connected to a superclamp on a forklift! This basic box of tools I always keep in the car just in case I have an idea…

In front, a Canon 580EX II flash on camera, set in master ETTL mode. Getting the two flashes to talk was a real chore, but a lack of PocketWizards mean this was one of my few options with what I had. Continue reading »

Thought I would try out my Canon PowerShot G11 point and shoot camera tonight at the Girl Talk performance.

Gregg Gillis, best known by his stage name, GIRL TALK, performs live at The Blue Note in Columbia, Mo. Wednesday night to a sold-out crowd of college students.

My ears are still ringing….
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Shot a portrait of gold medal Olympian Kristi Yamaguchi today for ZUMA press at the P&G Family Home.

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Swimmers dive into the chilly Pacific Ocean during the 58th annual Polar Bear Swim at Cabrillo Beach to welcome in the New Year, Jan. 1, 2010 in San Pedro, Calif. Photo by Patrick T. Fallon (Patrick T Fallon)
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Got back out to shoot some more surfing today – however I got to do a little swimming this time.

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As the say, the best camera you have is the one with you. I’ve only had the G11 for two days now, but its proven its worth as a camera I’ll always keep with me. Coming back from work today at Silvio’s photoworks, I did not have all of my normal gear in the car – but I had my G11 on my belt.

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Just got the new Canon PowerShot G11 point and shoot camera as an Christmas gift.

I wanted to have something with high-quality files, good low light performance without flash, yet still compact for shooting feature pics while working at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver this February.
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About a year ago, my father got a phone call from some family friends, their photographer had bailed on them the day before they were supposed to re-shoot their wedding portraits [they had rain on their wedding day].

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